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Update info published on 5 Comments on Update info

Hey folks!! I’m finally starting to settle in here following the move and I’m back to working on comics pretty much full time. But, I’m still not operating at 100% just yet. So, in the interest of not having to miss any more updates because of schedule fluctuations, I’m going to stop updating for a week. I’m still working on pages — in fact, one should be up on Patreon tonight or tomorrow — but my goal here is to build up a buffer of pages again so that minor changes in my schedule don’t keep making me miss updates. And that’s that! If everything goes to plan I’ll have one or two weeks’ worth of pages in the bag by the time I start updating again next Friday and we’ll be well and truly back to two-a-week updates.

Thanks so much for reading and supporting me. I literally couldn’t have made this move without you folks. Let’s finally finish this frickin chapter, huh??????

New year, new look! + Patreon! + Tuesday/Friday updates!

New year, new look! + Patreon! + Tuesday/Friday updates! published on No Comments on New year, new look! + Patreon! + Tuesday/Friday updates!

Happy 2016! From here on out, you’re gonna see some changes to the art style — mostly adding some more painterly touches and embellishments. I’m real excited for it. Now, though, for more important news: First, updates will be on Tuesday and Friday from now on, instead of Monday/thursday! Second:

You can now support me on Patreon!

For those of you who’ve been looking for a way to support my work, this is it! Patreon is a way for you to support artists directly — in my case, by agreeing to donate an amount of your choosing every month! It’s like a subscription system, but in my case, you’re subscribing to me having a livelihood! And, as a bonus: $5+ per month patrons get some Cool Perks, including getting updates up to a week early!!

If you have a few dollars to spare and you care about supporting trans artists, please consider pledging! The more money I make from my own work, the more time I can devote to it! And that’s a win/win for everyone!

Desktop Background?!

Desktop Background?! published on 2 Comments on Desktop Background?!

gth_bg_1080I made a banner recently for other purposes, but it turns out it also works really well as a desktop background, so here! Free of charge. Decorate your desktop with my characters’ gay faces. Be sure to display it indiscreetly when people walk by your monitor, as if to brag. Click the image to the left if you want to download it!

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