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Part 01 – 110

Part 01 – 110 published on 15 Comments on Part 01 – 110

And we’re back back back back back for super realsies!! I underestimated a bit just how much time and effort goes into moving my whole life across an entire continent????? But I’m finally done and so ready to make comics forever and ever. Thanks so much for your patience.

Part 01 – 109

Part 01 – 109 published on 25 Comments on Part 01 – 109

whatever these “halos” are, it’s probably not important imo

hey again!! as you’ve probably noticed, updates are comin’ in, but we’re down to 1 a week at the moment. that’ll probably continue until after I move in mid-february. (it’s just one thing after another!!!) I just want to thank all of you who’ve supported me, either through Patreon or by sharing my comic, because it’s all thanks to YOU that I’m finally getting out of a lonely place and making my way to Portland!! 

Part 01 – 106

Part 01 – 106 published on 36 Comments on Part 01 – 106

– “on loan” from leo (permanently)
– has a weird soggy spot? does wood go bad?

Thanks so much for your patience, everyone! I wrote a bit on Twitter about what’s been going on, but to summarize — the stress of my workload this month really got to me and tanked my health for a while, which is why I’ve been so inconsistent with updates. But I’m slowly feeling better… especially considering we’re finally at my favorite part of this chapter >;D

Happy holidays!! Wherever you are, I hope you’re safe and warm.

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